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Re: Spider-Man movie (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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That's too much imitation as flattery for my taste. I enjoyed what Nolan did with Joker and the "war paint" as much as the next guy but that motif doesn't work for Goblin.

The goblin outfit is indeed in need of an even closer representation to the comics(purple tunic for instance) but war paint is not plausible imo.
Why not? Norman went for the "war paint" look under his Iron Patriot mask in Siege.
I didn't read all parts of Siege so I missed that. Was that painted look meant to look like a Goblin or something else? Got a pic just to help me out?

Still, it just screams rip-off. I'd rather not see that look for the Goblins.
In the comics what makes the Goblin mask cool is that you can make out every facial expression because it's not only skintight, but goes around his nose, wrinkles, and he can even open his mouth and laugh or frown and the "mask" captures it. never seen a mask that does that. Can't even imagine one that wouldn't look stupid.

That's what is important, if you cover up his face you've gotten rid of all it. To me the only options are "face-paint" (meticulously detailed, not sloppy a la the Joker), or makeup (like the "fear gas Batman") representing transformation.
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