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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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Enough with the nudity, please. If you need a nudity fix, go read a Playboy.
Playboy?? Pfffft! That kid's stuff.

When did Star Trek fans become so prudish?

Bring on Nude Trek!
Oh, it's wa-a-a-y beyond that.

One of the weirdest expressions of the "fan film" ethos I've seen is that Hustler Studios production that was released to take advantage of the Star Trek 2009 movie - This Ain't Star Trek. That a lot of the folks involved - certainly the set designers and costumers, and some of the actors - brought an absolutely fannish mentality and enthusiasm to it was pretty obvious.

This link is to an article at, and you can't get any more "safe for work" than that, rest assured:

One thing I'd like to know is who did their artwork for the eye-level displays around the consoles - it looks pretty damned authentic, though the cels are not lined up with the right stations (Uhura's has some engineering diagrams, etc)? You suppose they got it the same place Phase II did?
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