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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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'Vapid' is Snyder's middle name.

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Before we start talking about Snyder's 1941, first he's got to make a Jaws and a Close Encounters.
No he doesn't. You've missed the point in spectacular fashion because you're still reading a comparison between Spielberg and Snyder in terms that are not there in the article.

I like this:

One is excellent (Superman), one is good (Superman II — but choppy due to the Donner/Lester fiasco), one is serviceable (Superman Returns), one is bad (Superman III) and one is unwatchable (Superman IV: The Quest for Peace).
Accurate except that the first Superman film is not "excellent" - it's a pretty good movie but it's episodic, uneven and not terribly stylish. The movie is carried through some rough spots on the strength of Reeve's performance and his charisma.
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