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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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I just gotta ask, of all the talent out there in the industry, why Snyder? The only true bonafide hit he can lay claim to is 300, and a lot of people are split on the quality of that one. I truly believe he's a one-hit wonder who has somehow been able to coast on his success from that movie. Watchmen underperformed, as did his owl movie, and Suckerpunch is virtually a flop. I personally can't stand his slo-mo action scenes and over-reliance on blue screen backdrops, and I don't think he can direct or write honest-to-goodness drama to save his life.
I've heard this used to describe M Night Shaymalan (sp) in regards to Sixth Sense. I personally think he's made as many good movies as middling or worse but others have said similar.
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