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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

Here's an interesting article which begs to question whether or not Zack Snyder will be booted from Superman after the creative and financial disappointment of his Sucker Punch which opened this past Friday.

Hyperbole aside, the article does manage to be unbiased and gives interesting insight into the whole situation. I don't think Snyder is going to be booted from the project, and I don't even think he'll have any less creative or directorial freedom than he's already had or will have. WB knew what kind of movie Sucker Punch was when they hired Snyder, and apparently Sucker Punch didn't perform that badly against studio expectations which allegedly were already on the low side.

WB won't give Snyder complete creative autonomy (this is Superman, after all) but they probably weren't going to do that in the first place, either. They probably feel Snyder's visual panache and Nolan's storytelling abilities were the right mix. Let's hope so; the studio can't afford another "modest" hit after Superman Returns underperformed back in 2006. Snyder's Superman needs to be a hit or else the Superman character might be dead for a while as a film property, and some (one) might lose their job at WB.
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