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Re: Star Ship Polaris

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I thought you might like to be reminded of/made aware of Anderson's iconic craft with an otherwise similar profile, so that you can avoid any unintentional resemblance in the atmospheric flight characteristics of your landing module. For, if your craft moves through the air horizontally while traveling around within a planet's atmosphere, it could easily strongly resemble an Anderson UFO. This could be remedied by making movement from point A to point B on a planet generally ballistic, so that motion is generally along its main cylindrical axis.
I donít think the script actually calls for any such hovering about so itís really a moot point as far as this particular story is concerned. In a broader context, I would envision its movement very much along the lines of the Delta Clipper (see below).

Either way, a passing resemblance to Anderson's style would probably not be in conflict with some of the subtly retro elements I think Dennis is aiming for with this production.

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I couldn't help but notice that earlier in the thread, it was suggested that the Polaris wasn't going to have energy weapons. I couldn't help but think that such a decision would be a mistakeÖ I think that given the armaments that the Polaris currently has, and the fact that they are all forward facing, she would need some laser turrets for defense. I think that 4-8 placed somewhere on the saucer should be sufficient to give her an adequate coverage.
Iím not sure where it was suggested that Polaris doesnít have energy weapons. The two big guns on either side of the bow are energy weapons. I also plan to include some small point-defense turrets on either side and one at the rear that have only been shown in the sketches so far.

JES wrote: View Post
Heh, I can only hope that she succeeds. Given her size, I'm hoping that she is extremely agile, made out of a very tough alloy, capable of polarizing her hull plating similar to the NX, have a combination of the three, because otherwise, one good hit, and she is in for a grand cremation.
I think it should be pointed out that Polaris is not actually a warship, sheís an exploration vessel crudely refitted for combat. I imagine she had a pretty tough hull to begin with, just to be able to deal with some of the natural phenomena the universe is capable of throwing at her, but the unpleasant truth is that one good hit from a real battlewagon would probably finish her.

She is quite quick and agile, as alluded to in the opening pages of the script, which I have reflected in the prominent main engines and oversized maneuvering thrusters. She also has a very good sensor suite and powerful transmitter arrays, which were readily adaptable to ECM functions. Sheís hard to see and harder to catch, which (mostly) compensates for her lack of heavy armor, shields or other defensive capabilities.

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So it's something like the Delta Clipper?
Thatís exactly what I had in mind when I was fleshing out the original design by Aridas Sofia. The Polaris lander is obviously a bit more squat, which would allow it to fly about in a non-ballistic fashion when the occasion calls for it, but generally itís either plummeting straight down through the atmosphere or shooting straight back up into orbit.
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