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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

27. North By Northwest (1959) - A. Really outstanding spy thriller. Has a reputation as one of Hitchcock's best films which I'm sure is well deserved. The scene in the cornfield is a wonderfully tense moment that holds up well to this day. Hitchcock's cinematography really comes to life in the Blu-ray transfer.

28. The Plague Dogs (1982) - B+. Good if a bit heavy-handed film about two dogs who escape from an animal testing facility in Britain. If the premise sounds depressing, that's just a taste of what's in store. Relentlessly bleak but still a very good movie. The terrier character and his peculiar mindset (he has a certain ... brain problem that I don't want to spoil here) are weirdly fleshed out and I thought was the most interesting part of the movie. This is done by the same director who did Watership Down and was made around the same time as that movie, so has a very similar tone and look to it.
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