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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

28. Dracula II: Ascension: B-
29. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li: D
30. You Don't Mess With the Zohan: C+
31. Finding Bliss: C
32. Dracula III: Legacy: B-

Felt it was on par with Dracula II. Would like to have been able to grade it higher but the Luke character wouldn't allow for it. If his character hadn't bounced between comedic relief and 'voice of the viewer' witch such jarring swings it would've been better just for that.

The series at this point has our 'Priest'(Jason Scott Lee) or D.G.(damaged goods) as Luke calls him being defrocked. He is fighting the vampire infection within himself. He goes through a daily 'purge' in the sunlight to keep it at bay. In essence he is a daywalker.

Rutger Hauer is the dark lord Dracula himself in this installment. I found it interesting that while on 5 years movie time had passed from the second Dracula had seemingly aged 40yrs. In part two he looked to be about mid 20's for his resurrection and used the resurrection to explain why he no longer look like Gerad Butler but in 5yrs he looks different and older...just because?

I won't go into too much but this Dracula saga is a fun watch and ranks tops in terms of B movie horror/vamp flicks. In fact it's at least as good as some of the ones like Piranha 3-D that make it to wide release.
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