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I saw a video with a snow trap that took advantage of the fact that snow would cover up the pressure plate and thought "Snow's cool! Notch wouldn't have taken that away!" And started hacking away at the side of a hill. Now all I have left is some uneven patches of snow and a lake of ice to prove that I built a house in the snow. Much sadness
Back before the big halloween update, there was something like a 10% chance that any new world would be a snow world where it snowed all the time and ground-snow and ice reformed within a matter of minutes. But once biomes were introduced, not only did it not snow in snow biomes, but it also stopped snowing in former snow worlds. Notch said that he was going to fix that but it has been 5 months now and nothing has happened with it.

The more I think about it, that halloween update was a bad idea because he tried to do too much and did none of it very well. Biomes still don't work properly, they're too small and the biome-specific plants and mobs still haven't materialised, except for different shapes of tree and leaves. Nether portals never worked properly without spending 20 minutes fixing them and the update that Notch claims fixed that problem managed to make it worse. The new mob-spawning mechanism was so terrible that Notch reverted to the old one in a matter of days. Fish were supposed to be an actual mob, but they ended up being an inventory item. Making torches a temporary light-source never happened.

He should have spent the next few weeks following that update fixing everything that was wrong with it, but instead people kept complaining about survival multiplayer and he focused his attention there. Since then, it seems like Jeb has been the guy working on adding new stuff to singleplayer.

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Yeah, I'd love to have reforming snow and ice. I always live in fear of falling through a hole in the ice and drowning.
My first time in a snow biome I broke the ice and dived in. Stupid mistake. By the time that I made my way out I only had 1 heart left.
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