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Re: Star Ship Polaris

Psion wrote: View Post
So it's something like the Delta Clipper?
That looks like a darn good comparison, yeah.

sojourner wrote: View Post
^This is not the thread to open up the "whether space combat is possible" can of worms.
Well, actually, it's not a terrible place for a little bit of that. I'm pretty much of the "movie space combat is nonsense" camp myself. That said, Polaris is intended to be a pretty traditional skiffy space show, so we do have some such sequences - they're brief and limited, but what we do show suggests something at least a little like what you'd see on nuBSG.

If I did a science fiction show based even somewhat on what I think is actually likely or even possible it would be much more cyberpunkish and wouldn't feature interstellar travel at all.

In terms of having such elements I like Avatar better than anything else I've seen lately because it blends the fantasy with a rather uber-NASA-ish vibe and at least a cursory acknowledgement that such trips would take an extremely long time, be incredibly complex and probably never routine. No space wars there.
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