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Re: Ending the Dominion war sooner

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It's like saying bombs are a bigger threat than knives while a knife is pointed at your neck. It makes you rearrange your current priorities
I like your analogy. But looking at that situation in a Vulcan way, yes, a bomb is still a bigger threat. It can cause more damage in a certain amount of time than can a knife. But then a knife can keep going whereas a bomb can only be used once, so the analogy isn't perfect, but then no analogy is...

Eh, the Borg were in a different show. Perhaps they were on the other end of the Federation from the Bajor/Cardassia/Dominion thing.
Should Starfleet have been concerned with the Borg after 2 years of inactivity followed by, in hindsight, 2 more years of further inactivity? Whereas the Dominion were there every day for four years and then were being negotiated with at least another. As well, whenever the Borg came, at least Starfleet prevented them from causing billions of casualties.

I think you're taking the analogy a little too literally now. "Bombs are wired... like the Borg! Knives can be used to surgically cut... like the Dominion!" More direct threat in this sense means more immediate, more consistent threat, not bigger. The point being is that Starfleet had someone to worry about with a heck of a lot more urgency and a lot less distance than the periodic threat of the Borg. Besides, knives are much, much more common than bombs.
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