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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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"Been around the block" Lois Lane is one way to rationalize the casting of an older actress. For a reboot, I prefer the notion of a young reporter, just out of college, who is beginning to impress her fellow journalists at the Daily Planet.
But that's not Lois's role you're describing -- it's Clark's role. He's the one who's just shown up as a bright new talent and begins to impress his colleagues. Lois is the seasoned veteran who's already a star. What would be the point in giving Lois a role that's a mirror image of Clark's?
I don't see a problem. Lois may be talented and ambitious, but she doesn't have to be a "star" reporter before she gets her first interview with Superman. What I'm suggesting would not be much of a change from comic-book tradition.
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