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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

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The worst thing about this movie was the dubbing. I don't know why they had to make movies like this. They should have just let the actors talk their native language with subtitles while Eastwood spoke English (like a Tarantino movie would). The cheesy dubbing made it like one of those goofy kung fu movies.
Actually, all of the actors are dubbed in the movie, since Italian films of the period recorded sound post-synchronously. And I agree, listening to the actors in their original languages would probably be preferable, though the complete hodge-podge of languages and dialects would eliminate any sense of the film being set in American history (not that there's much of a sense of that, anyway).

48. Who Framed Roger Rabbit (B+)

This one is still fun, but not as great as I remembered it. I remember liking it more as a kid, which is interesting, since it's filled with humor that's targeted at adults (more than I remembered, even). Still, Bob Hoskins and Christoper Lloyd are spot-on, and it is more than worth it for a chance to see all these cartoon characters together in a movie.
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