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Re: Star Ship Polaris

I don't mind the shape of the shuttlecraft. They look like they could work fine. Sure, it would be nice if they looked more like lifting bodies, but I guess that capsule shapes are inherently more compact, which is most certainly in need here!

I'm also loving the shape of the Polaris. All those moving parts are very cool.

I couldn't help but notice that earlier in the thread, it was suggested that the Polaris wasn't going to have energy weapons. I couldn't help but think that such a decision would be a mistake.
The U.S. military has been experimenting with energy weapons for quite some time. Heck, working examples already exist. I am certain that future spaceships that will likely need to defend themselves will have laser turrets, which would make an excellent defense against missiles and fighters.
I'm not certain if it is already too late to say anything that will make any difference, but I figure I'd better speak my mind or forever hold my peace. I think that given the armaments that the Polaris currently has, and the fact that they are all forward facing, she would need some laser turrets for defense. I think that 4-8 placed somewhere on the saucer should be sufficient to give her an adequate coverage.
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