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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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I never even considered Amy Adams, but hey works for me!
I like Amy Adams too, but I wanted an actress who was closer in age to Henry Cavill. She's 9 years older than her costar, and will be at least 40 by the time she plays Lois Lane in her third Superman film (assuming she signs for three as actors often do in these franchise deals). BTW, Margot Kidder was only 4 years older than Christopher Reeve.
Lois, in the typical setup, is the Planet's star reporter when Clark is a noob, so her being older doesn't seem that unusual to me.
Between endless reboots and adaptations I've lost track. However, at one point, it seemed to me the idea was that, while Clark was the noob, he wasn't a kid fresh out of college either. The implication was usually that he'd spent a few years having adventures (varying depending on the version of the origin you were reading/watching) before he decided to adopt the reporter persona.
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