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RichardDean And
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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hi everyone I'm RichardDead And(erson), I picked the name because nothing else was coming to me.

I enjoy TNG for the strange humour that is in it. For example, in "Encounter at Farpoint" when Wesley comes onto the bridge for the first time and Picard welcomes him and then shouts sternly "BUT DONT TOUCH ANYTHING"....well, that kind of thing just cracks me up.

I enjoy the series as a whole even though almost all of the characters annoy me but I like them all in another way because I really do enjoy the show. Riker is probably the least annoying character while Data and Wesley aggravate me the most.

Lastly I would like the say hi to everyone and I can't wait to get into some trek talk with you.

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