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Re: Ending the Dominion war sooner

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War is ugly business. They often aren't won by doing nice things, IMO, so sometimes you're damned if you do and damned if you don't...
Yeah, agreed. On top of that, the Founders were always tricky masters of espionage and manipulation on a grand scale, so the Federation had no real way of predicting or anticipating Founders' major decisions. If the Federation offered the cure from the start, maybe the war could have ended sooner -- or maybe a dozen other things could have happened, some of which could be just as bad or as worse as what we ultimately saw.

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Didn't the Borg only appear with a very limited force compared to what we've seen of the Dominion? For example, wasn't Wolf 359 just one Cube? What if the Borg decided to send five cubes next time? Or have tactics (not sending one ship at a time) and weapons (the Defiant!) improved enough for that contingency?
I think the point of the original post that you referenced is that the Dominion were a more direct threat than the Borg. Sure, the Borg are bigger and badder, but the proof is there on screen: between First Contact and the end of DS9, there was no Borg activity, whereas the Dominion were plenty involved. For all we know, there was also no Borg activity in Federation space from the end of DS9 to the end of Voyager, when ironically, a Starfleet captain brought them to Earth's front door. And even then in the gap between Endgame and Nemesis, nary a canon mention of the Borg.

It's like saying bombs are a bigger threat than knives while a knife is pointed at your neck. It makes you rearrange your current priorities

I think it's interesting to note that for a time, Starfleet had a better win-ratio against the Borg than they did against the Dominion, at least on screen (and not counting Voyager because that's really circumstance-heavy). Of course, things got better for Starfleet, but all those consecutive losses really hammered home the urgency of beating the Dominion rather than worrying about the Borg.
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