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And it's not like the novels are all that tied into whatever the current continuity of the comics is.
Well, it depends. My X-Men novel was set in an approximation of the continuity as it stood c. 2000, but with a couple of deliberate inconsistencies (such as Cyclops still being alive at a point when he was temporarily dead in the comics) and some elements more reflective of the later Grant Morrison run and the movies (Xavier's school having a large number of students). My priority was to get to use the characters I wanted, and I only picked that period because it was the best time for having (approximately) that particular team composition. So it wasn't solidly tied to any part of the comics continuity. However, all three Pocket Spidey novels that I'm aware of -- mine, Keith's, and Jim Butcher's -- were all pretty closely integrated into the then-current J. Michael Straczynski continuity on Amazing Spider-Man, and all at pretty much the same point within that continuity, just after Mary Jane began her theater career and just before Spidey joined the Avengers. (And I incorporated elements from what Paul Jenkins was doing over in The Spectacular Spider-Man at the same time.) Indeed, Jim's book was a direct sequel to JMS's first storyline in Amazing. And mine was loosely a sequel to a 2001 Paul Jenkins story in Peter Parker: Spider-Man.

Although I should add I deliberately chose to keep my book at a point in the continuity a year or two before what was coming out while I was writing, before Spidey's Avengers membership and all the rapid continuity changes that followed (like the brief flirtation with organic webbing, the Civil War stuff, etc. So I was trying to balance keeping it "timeless" and keeping it integrated with the continuity. I suspect Keith and Jim were striving for a similar balance, since we all independently chose the same narrow window for our books.
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