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I have a very hard time putting aside OMD, since it forms the groundwork for all of BND and Big Time.
But that's just it -- I don't really think it did. It's not so much that OMD formed the groundwork for BND as that it erased the groundwork for what had come before and left a blank slate. BND was a fresh start with a new creative team and a new direction, and really had very little to do with OMD. It told its own stories that had nothing whatsoever to do with deals with the devil, and that were quite entertaining, fresh, and effective Spider-Man stories in their own right.

Yes, OMD was awful and wrong and offensive and profoundly out of character. It was a terrible story and it was a mistake to write it. No denying that. But that doesn't mean everything after it is going to be equally bad. It's the nature of serial fiction that it has its ups and downs. Sometimes something really bad will come along and leave a bad scent on the series, but the series will go on, it will recover, it will get better. Spider-Man has had embarrassingly awful storylines before, like the Clone Saga and "Maximum Carnage" and the abortive Byrne reboot of the origin, but it's gotten over them and redeemed itself. Just as Star Trek has survived bad moments like "And the Children Shall Lead" and The Final Frontier and much of TNG season 1 and "Threshold" and so forth.
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