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Re: Consoles Are Fun!

Gah! I could have picked up Viewtiful Joe for $3.99 while I was out today.
Ah well, I did grab Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour and Soul Calibur II for $4 a piece, respectively. Honestly, outside of the internet, it's getting very difficult to find Gamecube games. I was at the flea market today, and one of the sellers had a whole wall of Gamecube games, and I was delighted until I saw that the cheapest one was $15, while others ran upwards of $50, and these weren't new. Other game sellers were the same, with the cheapest being $12 used. I find that kind of pricing rather absurd. I have bought most of my used GC games from Gamestop, but they only have a rack of about 30, and half of those are repeat titles.

I am buying (next week possibly) my niece a smaller controller for the GC. She can't quite reach all the buttons with her fingers, so I'm buying a mini controller just for her. That's so she can play Mario Golf and Finding Nemo (and if I can get her interested, Rogue Leader!).

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