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Re: Minecraft

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By the way, the little script I wrote to automate uploading is pretty simple and I'd be happy to share it with you guys if you want it. It's just a batch file and an FTP script, and then you use the Windows scheduler to have it run as frequently as you want.
What do you need to run it? Because I caught the Minecraft bug the other night and spent yesterday building a bridge over to my monster trap, and now I have a hankering to convert that area into some sort of containment facility with walls and warning signs everywhere about the dangers of a containment breach. The world I uploaded is already out of date.
Nothing other than Windows. I just have a batch file and it uses the command-line FTP client built into Windows. I'm sure it would be easy as pie to write a *nix shell script to do something similar, too.

All you need is an FTP server where you have permission to upload stuff.
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