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Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
By the way, the little script I wrote to automate uploading is pretty simple and I'd be happy to share it with you guys if you want it. It's just a batch file and an FTP script, and then you use the Windows scheduler to have it run as frequently as you want.
What do you need to run it? Because I caught the Minecraft bug the other night and spent yesterday building a bridge over to my monster trap, and now I have a hankering to convert that area into some sort of containment facility with walls and warning signs everywhere about the dangers of a containment breach. The world I uploaded is already out of date.

Canadave wrote: View Post
I took a look around your world last night, TGB, and I am impressed! I especially liked Mount Vulcan, that's just a cool place to hang out.
Thanks. There's a great view from Mount Vulcan alright. It's still a work in progress, I intend to add a few more floors, a dock, proper rail access and some sort of connection to the lavaflow lower in the mountain, but I have a very piecemeal attitude when it comes to Minecraft and rarely stick at a single project for long. I'm sure I'll come back to it later.

itisnotlogical wrote: View Post
I've been playing for a while, have spent more time on building my fortress of doom than mining. Pics here. If it doesn't work, blame the fact that I don't know dizzle about photobucket
A nice start. But I refuse to build in snow biomes until notch fixes it so that snow and ice reform after a couple of minutes. 5 months later and that still hasn't been fixed.
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