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Re: Worst Star trek actor ever

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Anyway I'm glad the show got Shatner instead of Jeffrey Hunter. Talk about a guy who just seemed to suck the fun out of everything.
Bruce Greenwood is one of the very few Trek XI actors that I preferred over the original counterpart. Hunter struck me as oddly handsome yet oddly ... uncharismatic. At least Shatner had that much going for him (sure, some will argue that Shatner had more than that in his arsenal, but I'll use charisma as a point of relation).
Charisma was a huge part of why Shatner worked so well on TOS. I do actually believe he turned in some good performances on that specific show, but as I said before I don't think that was the top of the list for his overall job description of playing Captain Kirk on that series.

I hope that at least makes a little sense.

I also agree with you completely about Greenwood. He was probably one of my favorite things in the whole movie.
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