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Re: Worst Star trek actor ever

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Shatner in TOS, which is really weird to say because he's an excellent actor in everything else but Star Trek.
I actually agree with this statement. For a time I used to get really bewildered at all the praise that Shatner would get on this board, as if people were just kissing his butt out of favoritism more than anything else. But name another prominent show or film with Shatner and it's great. Denny Crane!

Don't get me wrong, I'm still a fan and I think he does his job in TOS. But TOS-Shatner isn't his best work imo.

~clip snip~
Maybe this is why nuKirk got to be captain so fast -- the higher-ups knew that if he didn't get the ship, THIS would happen
You guys are daft! You're only thinking about the really bad bits, the scenes that comedians copy for laughs. There's thousands of other scenes where he doesn't overact, and they're excellent.

Remeber Charlie X for example :
"Go to your quarters, or I'll pick you up and carry you there."

You have to look at all the scenes, not just the intense dramatic, screwed up ones. And the director has some responsibility there too, which is why I don't blame the tng actors solely for their incredibly stiff performances
Between Shatner's cadence as Kirk, the pause -cue music- dramatic close up -pause- dramatic face -cue fade out-, the over the top reactions to a lot of scenes... etc just came off as terrible compared to the rest of the cast.

Deforest Kelley was a veteran actor and excellent, on point, with his portrayal of the doctor. He was just natural with his delivery of his lines and could jump from a casual southern gentlemen to the straightforward and determined doctor. Leonard Nimoy's consistent performance as an emotionless being proved he was the better actor as well. It's not that easy to act completely detached, it is a natural human response, and to come into each role and not even flinch at a dramatic scene was really amazing. Not to mention that Nimoy's greatest performances was when he was performing a mind meld and essentially becoming another character in that scene until he breaks the meld and *snap* is in Spock mode again.

Shatner simply hammed up his role. Yes, it's iconic. Yes, the comedians rip it apart but it was also the weakest performance by far to the cast of TOS. He tried to make Kirk larger than life, and he did, but in return he also made his performance look very cheap in a lot of "dramatic" scenes that required a little less "stage" and a little bit more "realism".

Funny how at the time, I was pretty about "Far Beyond the Stars," but now it's great seeing the characters without their makeup. I think at the time I was just afraid the whole series would end with it being a story written by Benny Russell. And it would have been the fans howling NOOOO!!!! IT'S REEEAAAALLL!!!
That whole scene got destroyed with this clip. LOL I can never watch it seriously again:

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