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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Once again, this middle-aged black dude's going to say it (about Zoe Saldana or any other black actress being Lois)-NO! I want the movie to succeed at the box office and get more Superman movies made, not be derailed by right-wingers and older fans who will be screaming about how 'liberal Hollywood' has caved into political correctness by making a main character of a beloved media property a person of color.
Why would you think that would happen? Nobody complained about Will Smith being cast as characters who were originally white in Men in Black, The Wild Wild West, or I Am Legend. We already had Billy Dee Williams playing Harvey Dent back in the '80s, and we've had Michael Clarke Duncan play the Kingpin in Daredevil. And of course there's Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in the recent Marvel movies. On television we've had a half-Japanese actor play Superman and a half-Chinese actress play Lana Lang. James Bond's American ally Felix Leiter was played by a black man as far back as 1983, and again in the current Bond films. Heck, we've even had Morgan Freeman play God, which is bound to have been upsetting to racists far beyond comic-book fandom. And yet it didn't harm those movies' popularity.

True, there has been a minor protest over Idris Elba playing the Norse deity Heimdall in the upcoming Thor, but that's just a tiny band of racist fanatics that nobody takes seriously. I don't believe they represent the mainstream of American conservatives. And their objections certainly haven't "derailed" the Thor movie. They were the focus of attention and ridicule for maybe one news cycle and that was it. It didn't hurt the movie, and if anything it helped bring more attention to it.
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