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Re: Star Ship Polaris

Dennis wrote: View Post
As far as the way the landers dock with Polaris itself - the only help or guidance Vektor had from the script was this paragraph:

CLOSE on Polaris's lower hull as a landing boat - about
thirty feet in diameter and shaped something like an Apollo
capsule - separates from it. FOLLOW as the boat streaks away
from Polaris and dives into the thin atmosphere surrounding
the planet.
Giving credit where credit is due, the design of the lander itself is mostly based on the original concept by Aridas Sofia:

As with Polaris itself, I have embellished it a bit and, as Dennis noted, I completely re-envisioned the docking arrangement. Once I realized the bottom curvature of the lander was a near-perfect match for the radius of Polaris' central sphere, it just seemed logical.

Much more in the coming days.
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