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"King's Speech" director to take on "Les Miserables"

The Guardian:
Tom Hooper, the Oscar-winning director of the King's Speech, looks set to take on a big-screen adaptation of long-running musical Les Miserables, reports Deadline.

Speculation has linked Hooper to a number of projects, including Les Mis, since his Academy Awards triumph. However, according to Deadline the British film-maker has now begun negotiations with Universal Pictures to adapt the stage hit for what could well be his next film. Bill Nicholson, the Oscar-nominated writer of Gladiator and Shadowlands, will take on script duties.
Hooper's spokesperson has subsequently confirmed Deadline's report.

Les Miserables is one of the most successful musicals in history, but plans to bring it to the screen have been chronically unsuccessful; there was a fairly serious attempt in the early 90s, first under Sir Alan Parker (Fame, Mississippi Burning, subsequently Evita) and then Bruce Beresford (Tender Mercies, Driving Miss Daisy). Can Hooper at last pull this off?

I hope so, because it's a great musical with several of the most iconic songs of the last quarter-century. Admittedly, it'll be a bit of a squeeze to get a film of manageable length.
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