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Re: The Time Lord Compendium

okay guys I have some updates to this project..
I fixed some of the art, and did some technical corrections to the designs of some other things..

expect a villains section to include renegades, and some representatives of villains from the classics..Dominators, Daleks, cybermen, Borusa, master, rani, etc.. technology

like a staser schematic, the demat gun, and more!

here is the updated compendium thus far.

note: there will be a section covering the Gallifreyan home world like the previous art, and sections detailing the Tardis, and it's corals and schematics detailing the panopticon and more.. it's slow going but I am making progress, and will update this thread with new art each week..(but please don't hold me to it though)

again this is going to be a TOS star trek technical manual style fanzine..but with Doctor who time lords as the main subject.

for a complete free full high rez download visit my deviant art page:

more to come, stay tuned!
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