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Re: Star Ship Polaris

Dennis has relatives in from far-flung parts of the U.S. and Europe this weekend. Dennis just now checked in here.

Dennis is awestruck. Dennis needs to find something new to say about Vektor's work other than I Absolutely Love This, but Dennis doesn't know what that would be right now.

Vektor has forwarded to me very cool sketches of the landing boat...well, landing in months past, and I really like them - there's a Forbidden Planet vibe to the whole thing, and it's important in how we've approached staging the upcoming location work and some of our recent green screen work. As far as the way the landers dock with Polaris itself - Vektor had design drawings from aridas sofia and a sentence or two in the script to work from.

As the size of Polaris became settled, I decided that providing a pressurized hangar space would be impractical and unnecessary. The original idea was that the landing boats would be embedded in the saucer area of the ship. Vektor did something far more clever and visually arresting than that.

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