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Re: Ending the Dominion war sooner

The logic of how the war was actually won was pretty convoluted and I don't think the writers at all intended some of the implications that you can suss out of the story...

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The Federation Council debated whether or not to give the Dominion the cure to the morphogenic virus, but decided against it as they felt it would give the Dominion "the upper hand" in the war.

It'd be like the Allies finding out that all of the senior Nazi leadership has AIDS or syphilis, and, despite having developed a cure, decided not to hand it over.
I remember all this.I didn't mean just giving them the cure. But exchanging it after they disarmed their foces.
It might have. However, remember that the real deciding factor was that Odo would be coming back to the Link. That was what swayed the Female Changeling. Getting cured was just an added benefit.
Odo could have rejoined TGL at any time - and if that's what it took to end the war, why didn't the Female Changeling contact him and propose just that? Odo could hardly have refused if it meant saving countless lives.

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I don't think the Council knew about or were given the origins of the virus, though.

All they knew was that there was a virus, and that Bashir had a cure.
That still means that the Feds won through genocide. It's not a very uplifting "moral" for genocide to be okay as long as nobody told you about it. Isn't that exactly why S31 has decided not to tell Starfleet about their activities - so they can be "useful" by avoiding all the inconvenient entanglements of going through proper channels? So the moral of the story is: "S31 was right - about genocide and also about secrecy/undermining democracy."

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How so? Please explain how the Founders are more of a threat than the Borg?
I would say the Borg are a far bigger threat! The Dominion can be negotiated with, and if you don't poke the Dominion hive, they'll leave you alone.

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