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Re: Star Trek: Nightingale

I do always like to respond to those who take the time to write a review

Gibraltar wrote: View Post
It appears as though this new captain has his work cut out for him. Get a new ship up and running smoothly, assemble a crew, and get thrust into action looking for a missing starship along a potentially hostile border.

I like the time period you’ve elected to explore here. The aftermath of the Dominion War is rife with story potential.

An interesting start, and I’m looking forward to more.
Thanks for the feedback. Yes I do like to be very cruel to my characters, especially my lead characters. The time period is one which I think could have been explored in so much detail, yet has been left out of ST since DS9 (VOY had no mention of it really and Nemisis made only a brief mention of the war itself). I'm certainly going to be delving into the rich backdrop and exploring some of the loose threads that were left - in this story and in others I have planned.

Gibraltar wrote: View Post
It looks as though Captain ‘John’ (what is his last name, anyway?) is having some doubts as to the parameters of the mission, doubts clearly shared by his XO. I also wonder if having a close friend assigned as your first officer is the best idea, under the circumstances. Can your XO really be objective when he’s that close to you?

Sounds like there are lots of possibilities involved in the disappearance of the Brave. Here’s hoping this new and untested crew can solve the mystery.
John's surname is Wilcox, its in the synopsis, but not in the story (yet) as he will mostly referred to as John when it's his viewpoint we are looking at. Being friends with the XO is a dodgy ground, but the premise of the story is all about this messed up launch. Then again, Spock and Kirk, Janeway and Tuvok, Sisko and Dax, sometimes the captain does have that friendship. I'm looking forward to showing the story - the mystery of the Brave was never going to be easy, but that is what I like.
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