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Re: Dune Production is In Trouble

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As for the rain ending, again I think it's pretty obscure in original Lynch film (more clear in longer versions) that water kills worms, so I don't think a lot of viewers got implications of that ending. Not to say it's correct, just saying how it is . Having now watched mini and films, I think ending could be retro-interpreted as not necessarily constant rain all over Arrakis; perhaps just a brief localized storm over Arrakeen as a demonstration of his 'power' ?
You may be right that the Lynch movie doesn't make it as clear water's effect on the worms and spice, it has been a while since I saw it. Still, even if you look at it in the context of just the movie without any knowldege on the book, it still seems kind of out of the blue and a total WTF moment. At least it does to me.
It depends which version of the Lynch film you watch. I think one of the TV versions includes the scene where they drown a small worm for the water of life. But yeah, as far as the theatrical version is concerned, the worms' intolerance for moisture (never mind a deluge) isn't really addressed.

As much as I'm aware of the film's many many flaws, I'll always have something of a soft spot for it because it was my first exposure to Dune and what prompted me to go read the book (and have since re-read four or five times.) For that alone it's worth appreciating.

As for adapting any of the material post-CoD: I think it's pretty clear that while "God Emperor" may be filmable, I don't think it'd be watchable. Not even as a TV series. If someone were to make the attempt then the best thing to do would be just skip GEoD altogether and dive right into 'Heretics' & 'Chapter House'. Threading in elements of 'God Emperor' as background though the use of intercutting flashbacks (Duncan's other memory being an ideal vehicle) might be workable, or it might not.

Narrative issues aside, I think Leto works best as a presence rather than a character. By that I mean that I think one film, actually showing him walking (slithering?) about, talking with Hwi, Siona and belly-flopping Duncan sort of detracts from any mystique he might have. I'm probably not expressing this very well, but in a nutshell, I think his presence would be greatly improved by the lack of it.
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