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Re: Dune Production is In Trouble

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^The Wormhole: I'm just trying to respond to your points as someone who's only seen tv/film and not read books, which is a valid area of discussion for any future Dune productions. I've no doubt the mini-suits were more accurate to book, but you raised question of why Lynch ones were black and I'd argue if you took a straw poll of average moviegoers they'd all say the Lynch ones were cooler (even if not practical re: heat radiation).
Personally, I don't think the Lynch versions looked all that good, but to each their own.
Agreed Like I said, my interest in your quite valid points was in regard to general discussion about book-canon versus TV/film 'artistic' interpretation.

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As for the rain ending, again I think it's pretty obscure in original Lynch film (more clear in longer versions) that water kills worms, so I don't think a lot of viewers got implications of that ending. Not to say it's correct, just saying how it is . Having now watched mini and films, I think ending could be retro-interpreted as not necessarily constant rain all over Arrakis; perhaps just a brief localized storm over Arrakeen as a demonstration of his 'power' ?
You may be right that the Lynch movie doesn't make it as clear water's effect on the worms and spice, it has been a while since I saw it. Still, even if you look at it in the context of just the movie without any knowldege on the book, it still seems kind of out of the blue and a total WTF moment. At least it does to me.
Again, you're right it's out of the blue and WTF. But I kinda felt that was the point of it My interpretation was that for the purposes of closing this particular film, it was just ramming home the point Paul had transcended origins and was now some sort of super-being who could manipulate nature. In all honesty I just felt it was a suitably weird ending for a pretty weird film anyway. But I think we both agree it's doubtful any future versions (if any) would attempt anything similar.
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