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Re: What functions do the Storm Trooper armor serve?

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My guess is this: They're Star Wars' equivalent to Star Trek's Redshirt. They're indispensable to the Empire, and they don't care if any of them get killed, therefore, the armor they have probably isn't the best that the empire has. They're able to use them in numbers because they're easy to train. Occasionally, you'll see a few with higher ranks, but that's probably only because they somehow managed to survive.
Don't think it was ever mentioned on screen but some of the books pretty much state the opposite - storm troops are valuable, are well trained and post Endor are in short supply.

You're most likely right. I don't reach much Star Wars fiction. As an aside, does this mean that there's a possible Redshirt extinction though? Someone must save those Redshirts!
Why do think they changed the uniform colours?
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