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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

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But you noted that the Soviets would suspect the US because of the technology needed for nukes. If the rogues were simply blowing up the Soviet's own nukes, it would look like what it probably was: anti-Communist rebels.
Kestre wrote:
And that's still a very bad thing.
Oh, it still could very well be considered a bad thing, I don't contest that it unnecessarily causes civilian deaths.
Could very well be considered a bad thing? No - terrorists running around blowing up nukes near population centers is a bad thing. No "could be" about it.

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Kestre wrote:
Nobody knew of a Changeling replacing Martok until after 31 had already delivered the virus into the Great Link. That can't be used as evidence that "the Dominion was already at war with the Federation" because nobody knew about it.
Nobody knew about it during those events, no--as far as the general public was concerned. However, anyone looking back would agree that they were are war with the Federation, and the other powers.
Nobody knew about it period. And if they did then they're damned even more for keeping it secret.

And hindsight doesn't matter. The chain of events is simple: Changelings replace Martok to nobody's knowledge. 31 infects the Great Link with a genocidal plague. THEN the information about a Changeling high up in the Klingon command becomes known. So that can't be used as a defense.

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There's no reason to assume that. More likely it just had a long incubation period.
One could argue for either scenario, yes. However, your scenario strongly begs for the question of why 31 programmed the virus to take so long to break out. What would be the reason?
Simple - they wanted to make sure it spread to all the Changelings. And/or give a long enough incubation period to make it harder to trace back to Odo and thus the Federation.

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Are you really advocating for a Crusader mentality here? You and Bombs Away LeMay woulda been real good buddies.
Frankly, I'd say I'd more likely be in good company with, say, General William T. Sherman.
Yeah - and what he did was despicable. I'm sure he was a fine man individually, but his actions led eventually the to firebombings of Hamburg and Dresden and Curtis LeMay's burning of Tokyo.
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