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Re: Dune Production is In Trouble

I'm not dying for one of the most original mainstream science fiction masterpieces to be butchered. Nothing I've heard yet about this latest "project" indicates anything to jump up and down about.

I reread Frank's first four Dune books again last year (that's five times through Dune now), and finally got up the courage to read the last two as well. I could always do all six again if I need another fix.

When I bought Chapterhouse: Dune, I picked up The Road to Dune book. I've read the so-called missing chapters. I might check out Spice Planet, but I'm not dying to do that because it's been edited. The only complete work by Frank in the Dune series, that I know of, that I don't have a copy of, is The Road to Dune story in Eye. Unless somehow I've overlooked it, it's not in The Road to Dune book, and if you all can confirm that, that title collision is yet another strike against Pinky and the Brain. (Pinky and the Brain ! Thanks guys, I love it!)

I'd buy a copy of Frank's notes to Dune 7, and of Frank's notes to Spice Planet, and of all of Frank's notes frankly, but please spare me from Pinky and the Brain!

Frank has some other pretty good stuff, too. I'm partial to Destination: Void, even though it is quite a bit dated.
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