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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

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Wow - that's a big Oberth...

But hey - considering that K-7's big enough to fly an Excelsior into the shuttlebay without scraping the walls, maybe that's deliberate...
No, the camera is playing tricks on you here. It's actually tiny. That's why I put it into the foreground to get more detail.

Thank goodness - I'd hate to have to pass up on getting one because it's over-inflated!

Finally hit Level 43, or 'Captain 13' since I'm against the whole 'Admiral' thing - got permission to head over to Gamma Orionis with the fleet.

Here's the Valiant, visiting a true veteran of the Dominion War - the U.S.S. T'Kumbra:

Cruising around the local area - ended up attracting the (unwanted) attention of a Borg cube...

It's these moments when having Transwarp capability really comes in handy!

Back in safer territory, helped the V.S. T'Pau from Gorn raiders, in the Challenger - for that authentic 'Enterprise' experience!

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