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Re: Lost Sulu fan film trailer 'STA: A Time to Heal' finally online

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Actually the link in this thread was to, not YouTube. I'd seen multiple people in this thread ask for a YouTube link, so I grabbed it from Break and put it there.

I searched YouTube for it prior to posting it there, and couldn't find a copy.

If you want something actually seen, YouTube is the place for it. I make no claim other than posting it under my account.
It is on Youtube... might be listed as Star Trek: Axiom. Either way it is the same trailer as in the link above. It's interesting to see as it gives a glimpse of what was shot back in 1985/86. But it's like watching a trailer for TOS that was taped on a VHS tape and left in the sun for 20 years. It looks very washed out. The footage we have looks much better and I think everyone will be very happy with the end results.
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