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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

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But you noted that the Soviets would suspect the US because of the technology needed for nukes. If the rogues were simply blowing up the Soviet's own nukes, it would look like what it probably was: anti-Communist rebels.
Pardon me, but why would that still not be seen as a bad thing? You're talking about the mass murders of millions of people.

In "Zero Sum Game", for purposes of peace, the diplomatic channels accepted that 1) the thieves of the slipstram drive were working without the sanction of the Breen government; and that 2) there were no legit Federation spys working to stop the Breen research project, and the Aventine really was trying to save the station--it just got there too late.
No. For the purposes of international relations, the diplomatic channels accepted the common set of lies that: 1. No theft of the Federation slipstream drive had occurred; 2. no Federation operatives were present within Breen space; 3. the Aventine arrived in an attempt to save the Breen space station and was too late.

In "Homefront/Paradise", in particular, they intended to bring Earth to destruction through implosion.
Uh, no. They intended to prompt the Federation into acts of paranoia, which Leyton damn near did. They weren't out to "bring Earth to destruction through implosion."

Principles which frankly need a lot of looking over. The Just War theory is good--in theory. However, many times, for the reasons I have stated, it's impractical and self-defeating.
Yes, you've outlined your justifications for war crimes.

Starfleet was willing to punish Worf for his destruction of a Klingon passenger ship at a time when the Federation and the Klingons were close to war; Worf was saved only when it turned out that there were no passengers on board.
And under normal circumstances, I would say Starfleet was wrong to be so willing.
It would be wrong to punish a military officer for murdering innocent civilians?

That's a really horrifying statement.
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