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Consoles Are Fun!

I just got a hold of a used Nintendo Gamecube. Yeah, I know, way to stay on top of the trend (), but I am excited. One of my family members gave me a Gamecube console (he didn't know if it worked) that didn't have anything else with it; no controllers, no a/v cable, no power supply. So I took it to our local Gamestop and the clerk tested it, and while it worked, it was in rather bad shape. So I asked him about a trade in credit, and he said I could get $10 out of it. Well, Gamecube systems were $29 (with controller, a/v, and power supply), so I just traded it in and paid the difference, picking up used copies of Need For Speed: Underground and 1080' Avalanche for $3 a piece.

Now, granted, it's not HD and my HDTV shows that, but it's easily forgotten as I put in NFS:U and start it up. After 5 minutes of play, I realize just how much fun it is to play on a console instead of a PC! My last experience with consoles were one of the 1st gen X-Box 360s, and after repeated returns and repairs, I gave up on console gaming. I am having so much fun playing on this little Gamecube. You know, the technology may be older, but it still packs a lot of punch!

I don't know, I guess I'm just excited to play on a console that's recent (before the 360, my last console was a Super Nintendo). So I'll ask, since I'm so very new to the Gamecube, are there any games that really stand out?
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