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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

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Pilot's voice seems off. I guess after two years he forgot how to do it the same way.
I noticed this too.
From what I've read, they had a different guy in charge of doing the sound. Lani Tupu did the voice just fine, but it wasn't quite mixed the same in the final product.

Ohh that would make sense. I looked it up and it was the same guy, I just figured he made a funny voice and no real editing was needed.

I loved Pilot's old voice but his new one seemed meaner and I just couldn't like it.

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The actress who played Admiral Grayza was pregnant in real. So they used this aspect on TPKW as well ( and well done in my opinion )

The entire budget for The Peacekeeper Wars was 28 million $ ( I can be wrong though )

Yeah they did it perfectly, she is a slut, so it works we don't really see much of the story besides that she is hugely pregnant.

Wow! $28 million! Damn! For that they could have made it a little longer.
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