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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Greetings fellow Trek fans and Play-by-Post RPers,

Looking for Star Trek based Forum RP where you can immerse yourself and your character in a unique and engaging story? Check out Lotus Fleet RP, where you can join together with fellow RPers as a crew both in and out of the story.

Storytelling is performed by the Captain and advancement opportunities based on activity is available to all who participate!

Your character receives promotions and awards based on activity and creativity!

We offer opportunities in the following positions:
Captain (upon experience)
Executive Officer (upon experience)
Chief Tactical / Security Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Engineer
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Operations Officer

Everyone involved is put in the most important positions on the ship so that no one is left out of the story! We don't have RPers as Bartenders, Counselors, Transport Chief, and other only slightly used positions, because we feel that the positions we offer are always integral to the story.

Additionally we occasionally will may have Fleet-wide RP where all ships join together in one Fleet Action. Recently our home, Starbase 10, was threatened by a massive Borg Invasion!

The Starbase 10 forum is also the place to find less structured Star Trek RP such as our Mirror Universe RP.

We also know that Star Trek fans are quite often Sci-Fi, Comic, Video Game, and Fantasy fans as well, so take a look at our newly developed General RP section called "The Holodeck". As a Lotus Fleet member you may even "GM" your own story. Any member is welcome to create or participate in one of these stories, and so far we have seen the following genres proposed and/or written:
  • Star Wars
  • Mass Effect
  • General Fantasy
  • Superhero
  • Lord of the Rings

Send me a PM or Skype me at evshell18 for more information.

Peace and Long Life,
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