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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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I'll pay the big bucks to see Avatar or a naked Anne Hathaway in IMAX - but TOS? Probably not.
I saw the Menagerie in IMAX when it was shown here a few years ago at the local theatre. It was beautiful.
Same here. I loved it. And I would pay to see it again without hesitation.

Nice how Roddenbury before the movie started devoted some time to addressing the corrected "The Cage" Special Effect, and recounting how his father was not satisfied with them. Interesting picture into the private personal life and one on one time with father and son times of Gene and his family.
It's ok to release a bad fan film. What is not ok is fighting/hating on those you ask what they think, delete the discussion, etc. Expect the next guy to stomp on you doing the fans a favor. Releasing fan films is not a blank check to be an asshole.
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