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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

So I finally got the miniseries, so some thoughts.

Wow... they shoved a lot into that. I would have loved to see season 5 with the main characters dead longer and Chiana being blind longer. I really wish we saw those two months and the build up more.

That mini recap down by John was completely pointless. Like there is anyone watching the movie who hasn't seen the show.


Sikazu's new haircut was... weird.

You are pointing a gun at the baby."

Speaking of the baby. The baby went from a crystal to growing in Rygel without being remade. Plot hole.

Jool's death was lame.

"We are cursed... Everything we touch."

"You don't know what you are doing.
Never do."

Einstein on the iceberg is always awesome.

Was what's her name (the bad guy peacekeeper) pregnant in real life or did they make her so that way at the end she would have peace for the children?

D'Argo's son was a nice surprise. I wish we could have shoved Zhaan into it somehow.

Pilot's voice seems off. I guess after two years he forgot how to do it the same way.

The Scarran's seemed weaker than they did in the TV show.

Moya coming out of the ocean was beautiful, much better than the Rygel part.

It wasn't really a wormhole weapon but more a black hole weapon.

D'Argo's death! I didn't see that coming. He will be missed.

Does anyone know the budget of the miniseries? I'm curious to how much it cost in regards to how much an episode cost.
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