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Re: What games are you playing currently?

I've been stuck on GTA: San Andreas since New Year's - there are so many things to do in that game, it's definitely one of the more complex games I've ever played. Plus it's just cool to wander around. I spent a good 2 weeks of gaming time just exploring. I have literally a box full of other PS2 games I want to get to - From Russia with Love, a Tomb Raider, Destroy All Humans, as well as two other GTA games - but so far GTA: SA has been my main game.

I just found the below comment from back in July 2010. If Goliath is still in the house, could he elaborate as to how GTA: SA broke his PS2?

Goliath wrote: View Post
I was actually thinking of playing GTA: San Andreas again.

I've only played it once. But then, it was like three games in one.

Plus, it broke my PS2. So I'm kind of scared to re-try it.
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