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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

Oh, my! She actually woke up! I'm sure it'll take some time to determine if there are any other effects from what happened to her, though...head injuries require a LONG period of monitoring, to make sure.

That "forcefield"...oh, my, if anyone ever realized who it was that prayed for Laran's protection, and who may have even come to pay a visit in that moment (I could REALLY start to feel his presence in the story and in that moment as he described it)--that would be a very, very freaked-out reaction from everyone but Jarol, Brenok, Zamarran, and Aladar! (And Taret's still around too, isn't he?) No doubt that certain someone is praying for everyone's bodies and spirits to heal.

As for the Klingons and that new enemy...well, let's just hope that "protection" lasts for awhile because the backstabbing kind of Klingons who would do a thing like that might still feel like taking potshots at Cardassians and hiding behind the veneer of being "pirates."

And Toral! Oh, my...he's being very cute here! It's a shame Jarol misjudged him and thought he was weak. I hope she's going to learn to see that's not true. Those chocolates may persuade her to reconsider...
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