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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Fabio looks set to drop Lampard and play Wilshire in a advanced role alongside Barry or Parker...GOOD. I would probably edge the start with Barry due to experience and ability on the ball over Parker. They are both slow-ish players abnd while Parker might be the better holding player, I think two inexperience international players is a risk in the centre and Wales should not pose a real threat in the middle so we will see more of the ball hence the need for Barry passing game.

Of course when Gerrard comes back he will play the deeper role alongisde Wilshire and will do it well because Gerrard defensive abilities have always been underplayed but hes a bloody good tackler and the quarterback role in his advancing years will suit him like Scholes has done with United since 2006.

Also it seems Milner will start on the right to keep Bale quiet with Young on the left...I came to that conclusion weeks ago, hey FA I am cheaper than 6 million per year .

However Carroll set to start over bent is a real WTF since hes not match fit IMO and Bent has been scoring goals all season and looked very good against Denmark.
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