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Re: Worst Star trek actor ever

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They actually brought her back?

I thought even Voyager had higher standards than that.
Yeah, Memory Alpha lists her in four, perhaps five episodes (because of the nature of Course: Oblivion):

But the actress page and IMDB list only three episodes for her. So I'm guessing either one of those was an uncredited role like so many other ensigns, or someone's purposely trying to erase her "acting" history from the minds of Trekkies everywhere.
I'd bet it has more to do with lines. She actually had lines in Blood Fever and Displaced. Maybe there were deleted lines from her in another one of the episodes she was seen in,
That may be the truth, but in my personal canon, her acting was such a mistake that there is now a clandestine conspiracy to erase her history from time itself.

And I don't find myself lifting a finger to fight this conspiracy, either.
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