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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

20. The Illusionist (B)
21. The French Connection (B+)
22. Network (A+)
23. Incendies (A+)
24. Mrs. Miniver (A)
25. A Fistful of Dollars (B+)
26. For A Few Dollars More (B)
27. WALL-E (A+)
28. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (A)

To commemorate the passing of Dame Elizabeth Taylor, I set aside the evening to watch what is generally regarded as her last great film role (and which earned her her second Oscar in 1966).

Adapted from a stage play, much like the Long Day's Journey Into Night film from the same era that I reviewed at the end of last year, it's set almost entirely in and around a house, and has only four characters (plus one super-minor other speaking part). These can be difficult to make work in film, but Mike Nichols, in his first directing gig, pulls it off. And unlike the aforementioned LDJIN (which I liked, mind you), it's a much more reasonable length. Taylor and Richard Burton are the leads, and they spend the whole film tearing at each other with remarkable ferocity, occasionally turning their guns on the hapless couple that stumbles into their house and inexplicably doesn't run screaming within the first two minutes. George Segal and Sandy Dennis (who also won the Oscar) are very good too, but it's hard to compete with the leads.

Rest in peace, Liz.
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