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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

Ah, so this is where the introduction thread lies.

Newbie to the forums. TOS fan since I was a kid, first saw it on the Sci-fi channel about 10 ~ 11 years ago. I really enjoy TOS and I haven't really gotten into the other Trek series other than DS9. I loved Sisko and Bashir. Enterprise was a difficult one...

I never really took part in Star Trek fandom, I mostly lurked around over the years but the reboot re-lit that spark for the series again and now I'm diving into fandom with full force. I haven't been to a "trek" convention nor have I really engaged in the whole Star Trek lifestyle... Life, school, work etc... but I'm now opening that door again and allowing Mr. Spock back into my life, lol.

Every other place that I have engaged in Trek fandom since the reboot have mostly been communities dedicated to slashing K/S and or the actors (Nimoy/Shat and Pine/Quinto) which is definitely not my deal... I just wanted to find a community that actually talks about the show and not really the all the romance/slash/Uhura-bashing. This place seems pretty cool so far !
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